Welcome to the Visa Information page. Please follow the directions, complete the form with the correct information and return it to the Consular Office with the required attachments.

Download Visa Application Form

Please note: telephone enquiries to the Consular Department should be made Monday from 9am - 4 pm, but on Friday and thursday only between 10am-12pm Australian Eastern Standard time

Tel:     (02) 62827377

Fax :    (02) 62827322

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Fill in the Visa Application form and sign personally.
  • Enclose two recent passport size photos.
  • Enclose the appropriate Visa Applicable fee (Company Cheque or money order payable to the Embassy of Afghanistan).
  • Enclose passport with at least six months validity remaining. If you would need your passport for other purposes while your visa application is under process, please send a copy of the main pages. You can send your passport later for evidencing the visa.
  • Enclose a registered self-addressed return envelope (New Zealand residents must include an additional AUD$15 for return of their documents). 
  • If employment is the purpose of your visit, please provide a letter of introduction from the employing agency and /or the recipient organization within Afghanistan.
  • If Employment is the purpose of your visit, please contact you're employer to send a letter of introduction and detailing your purpose of visit to Afghanistan to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan in Kabul who will then send us authorisation of issuance of Visa. NOTE: A Visa can not be issued unless MFA sends us an authorisation of issuance.
  • If visiting family or friends, please furnish a letter of introduction from whom you intend to visit in Afghanistan.
  • If tourism is the purpose of your visit, please state in details the nature of your tour and places you intend to travel in Afghanistan.

Media personnel/journalists are required to provide an introduction letter stating the purpose, duration and places intended to visit in Afghanistan. (Media journalists must contact Press Office of the Directorate of Media Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Char-rah e Malik Asghar, Shah Mahmood Ghazi Wat, Kabul – Afghanistan.)

To download registration form or obtain more information about the Directorate of Media Relations in Afghanistan, follow this link:  

Please note that the following visa types can be issued by the Embassy of Afghanistan in Australia:

  • Single Entry Visa (For Business, Tourist and Media) with three months of validity and 30 days duration of stay.
  • Single Entry Visa (For Business, Tourist and Media) with Three months of Validity and 90 days duration of Stay.
  • One Months Entry (Relevant letter must be provided by Ministry of Foriegn Affairs)
  • Diplomatic and official visa (Note verbal must be provided by thier organisations)


A non-refundable fee is payable upon submission of the application. All fees must be paid by money order or Bank Cheque payable to “Embassy of Afghanistan”.
Or the Company bank cheque
NOTE: Urgent visa applications require double fees.

 Single Entry Visa  AU$ 140.00
Single Entry Visa three Months (Can only Stay for 90 Days)  AU$ 420.00
 Entry Visa (Relevant letter must be provided by MOFA)   AU$ 60.00
 Diplomatic Visa  Free
 Official Visa  Free

Visa Fee in the Guidelines depends on the current exchange rate of Australian Dollar to US Dollar, it is fluctuating, please confirm the amount by contacting the Embassy 


  •  All visas can be processed within five working days only if the required documents are provided and that the terms and conditions are met.
    Urgent visa Applications will be charged double the price.


  • If you are applying by mail, please include a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope, large enough for the return of your passport and documents. You may use Certified or Registered Australian mail, or any other traceable mailing service or courier to ensure safety of your passport. 
  • The Australian Post will not accept more than one passport per small envelope (not exceeding 250mg or 5mm in thickness). Therefore, a larger self-addressed envelope (500 grams or 20mm thickness) should be attached for more than one passport.
  • Post all the required documents to:

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

PO Box 155
Deakin West ACT 2600

For visa related inquiries contact:


Phone: (02) 6282 6034 OR (02) 62827377 (Monday from 9am to 4pm, but Thursday and Friday only, 9:30 am to 12 Noon)
Fax:     (02) 6282 7322
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

According to instructions received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, henceforth for those Afghans and persons of Afghan origin that hold foreign passports and wish to visit Afghanistan, a permit letter will be issued to travel to Afghanistan.